Activities 2015



The Think Tank Meeting 2015 was held at the Convento al Bigorio in Ticino-Switzerland from July 2nd to 5th, 2015. To this meeting, headed by Prof. C. Bassetti, have joined about 20 international scientific experts in the field of narcolepsy, debating on the current and future directions of research in the field. This was organized in cooperation with the Alpine Sleep Summer School, and was supported by the Klaus Grawe Foundation Zürich, and by the Fondazione Neuroscienze Ticino.

In the picture: the participants of the Think Tank Meeting 2015.

Symposium Multiple sclerosis: diagnosis and treatment – at USI Lugano (Auditorium) from 17:00 to 19:10
in collaboration with Fondo Jelmoni


On May 21st, 2015, the 6th Lecture of the Year has been held at the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland (NSI), supported by Fondazione Sir John Eccles, as well as the Awards for the best neuroscientific publications, supported by Fondazione Neuroscienze Ticino (FNT).
The 6th Lecture of the Year of the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland was held by Prof. Tarek Yousry (London-UK) and was titled “Morphological and functional neuroimaging of movement disorders”.
The Awards have been handed over to Dr. S. Fulda for her work on clinical neurosciences, and to Dr. S. Galati for his work on translational neuroscience.

foto1From left:
Dr. A. Cianfoni, Prof. T. Yousry, Prof. A Kaelin, Prof. C. Bassetti.
foto2From left:
Prof. A. Kaelin, Dr. S Galati, Dr. S. Fulda, Prof. Bassetti.