The FNT (Fondazione Neuroscience Ticino) was founded in 2012 in Lugano, with the goal to promote the excellence of neuroscience in Ticino and improve patient care in neurological disorders.

The FNT intends to accomplish its goals through:

  • The organization of seminars, training sessions and research symposiums for specialists and evening events to inform the public
  • The funding of scholarships with the possibility to support researchers from socio-economically disadvantaged countries
  • Support interinstitutional cooperation – e.g. Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland and Swiss research clinics – e.g. Bern and Basel – and also institutions/universities abroad
  • Awarding an annual prize for the best research in neuroscience in Ticino granted on the day dedicated to Clinical Research in Ticino

The FNT is a non-profit organization that is officially registered with the authorities.
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